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"His music is powerfull, far-reaching and unrelenting concerned about sound, its form, and has carefully constructed details"

- Giberto Mendes, Composer

A graduated in Music from the University of São Paulo, Maury Buchala won a scholarship and specialized in composition and conducting in Europe. He took part in several seminars and courses at the Centre Acanthes and IRCAM under the direction of Emmanuel Nunes, Jonathan Harvey, Brian Ferneyhough, Roger Tessier, Tristan Murail, Pierre Boulez and Peter Eötvös. His work is based primarily on research into new textures influenced by electronic sound in instrumental procedures, such as in the series of pieces for solo instruments entitled Eindrücke, whose versions for viola and cello were commissioned and premiered by l'Ensemble l'Itinéraire. His works also feature more heterogeneous instrumental groups, such as Extraits for 9 instruments, which he conducted and premiered along with the Hungarian UMZE Ensemble in partnership with the Peter Eötvös International Foundation. Trichromia for 11 instruments, which was commissioned by Musiques Nouvelles en Liberté. Other works include the Partita and Tre Espressioni for string trio, in a concert dedicated to the composer by the Ensemble 2e2m, and, more recently, Concerto for violin and Cecilia for voice and orchestra, which was commissioned by the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra.

Maury Buchala has led numerous orchestras in Europe and South America in programs from the traditional repertoire as well as contemporary music. He has also conducted small groups and ensembles such as the Octuor de France, the Ensemble UMZE (Hungary) and in Paris and São Paulo, productions of Pierrot Lunaire and Igor Stravisnky's The Soldier's Tale. 


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